Why choose West Wickham Self Defence?

We are not just any Martial Art!!!   We don’t just punch and kick!!!

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If you want a dynamic, innovative approach to martial arts training, West Wickham Self Defence offers the fastest growing martial art in the West Wickham area. All aspects of real self defence are covered at West Wickham Self Defence.

Why are we different?

Even though some of the traditional martial arts movements are impressive to see the movements can be difficult to learn. Traditional martial arts movements can also be unrealistic in providing real self defence techniques.

If you want to learn movements that are EASY TO LEARN and are VERY EFFECTIVE try West Wickham Self Defence classes.

We practice techniques that are STREET ORIENTATED from your very first lesson.

Your Instructors’ Qualifications

Jon Cribbens, the Head Instructor at West Wickham Self Defence has spent 8 years training in Martial Arts. Jon is also trained in First Aid, and is fully CRB checked.

Other Qualifications.

3 years training in Shaolin Kung Fu

5 years training in Choi Kwang Do

Black Belt in Choi Kwang Do

Yellow Belt in Wing Chun

At West Wickham Self Defence we have a team of friendly instructors and assistant instructors here ready to make your martial art classes the most exciting and rewarding as possible.

Call 0800 644 0120 or email us to book a FREE trial.