Frequently Asked Questions


What is West Wickham Self Defence ?

West Wickham Self Defence is the largest organisation in the West Wickham area, our school teaches reality based self defence using the latest and best proven techniques available today, we also incorporate kick-boxing, Judo and Ju Jit Su into our training. We are an award winning school with some of the best instructors in the UK.



Do I have to be fit to train at West Wickham Self Defence?

No you don’t. Whatever your standard of fitness and whatever class you decide to start in we can work with you and through regular consistent training you will enjoy increased level of strength, stamina and flexibility. You don’t need to be fit to start, we’ll make you fit!!


What is the time table ?

Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday
Time 7-8pm  7-8pm



The West Wickham classes are held at St Mary of Nazareth Church, The Avenue, West Wickham BR4 0DX.


What classes can I do?

We have classes in reality based self defence classes, kick-boxing, boxing, MMA, Jubo and Ju Jit su, we have a class to suit everyone.

What age do you have to be?

We have programs and classes for a range of ages:


For Teenagers aged 11 – 15 and 15 – 18.


For age 18 and over, this is our beginners program with a focus on developing a greater fitness level and working through the early stages of the West Wickham Self Defence syllabus, to include kick-boxing, boxing, MMA and Judo.


For age 18 and over. This is our top program encompassing all aspects of West Wickham Self Defence training. However all members that start with the basic program are free to upgrade to the advanced at any stage and in fact most do after an initial period. For those who wish to it is possible to start straight away on the advanced program.

Can I compete?

We teach real self defence, however our program includes boxing, kickboxing, Judo and ju jit su, if you wish to compete this can be arranged in any of the above.

Do I have to fight?

No, you don’t need to fight, sparring is optional.

How much does it cost?

Our academy offers an excellent value for money membership covering all tuition needed for successful training. Please contact us for full details.

What should I do now?

Call 0800 644 0120 or email us to book a FREE trial.