Fitness through Self Defence

West Wickham Self Defence produces fast, powerful and fluent techniques that work where it really matters, on the streets! Our classes offer a practical martial art that harnesses the principles of modern Martial Arts.

Our school is open to everyone regardless of age, sex, size or physical ability. We offer so much more than self defence training, providing a martial arts programme that will inspire you to a more confident and healthier lifestyle whilst keeping it fun to do .

West Wickham Self Defence provides the great workout associated with Kickboxing, Boxing and MMA as well as offering an alternative to more traditional arts such as Karate and Taekwondo.

Achieve your goals of  health, fitness and self-protection by learning from our highly trained and friendly instructors. People of all ages can come and enjoy the benefits of our martial arts and fitness training, enabling you to lead a safe and healthy life..

Our classes and the learning environment is friendly, fun and safe,  and let individuals learn at their own pace. We can adapt the levels of intensity, frequency and duration to suit your needs.

Try our FREE fitness Challenge by calling:

0800 644 0120 or by emailing us today.