Come and join us 

We aim to make the whole experience of learning self defence as stress-free and enjoyable as possible, as we understand that Walking into a martial arts class for the first time can seem daunting to newcomers.

We understand that every student develops at a different pace depending on natural ability, commitment levels and enthusiasm. As such we encourage our students to develop at their own pace without undue pressure from instructors or fellow students.

Becoming a member of West Wickham Self Defence will enable you to focus on achieving positive goals, whether that is weight-loss, improving general fitness, increasing confidence, making new friends or achieving black belt status.

Through a programme that is far more interesting and engaging than going down the gym, our Martial Arts Training also offers the benefits of increasing physical endurance, balance, strength and flexibility.

Our senior instructors are qualified martial arts instructors as well as at least 1st degree black belts. Most of all they have improved the quality of their own lives by practising at West Wickham Self Defence and have the desire to pass that onto others.

We have a class to suit a variety of age groups, you can train as an individual in one of our Teenage and Adult Class or as a family in our Family Class.

Benefits for Adults

West Wickham Self Defence is an excellent martial art for adults – one that offers a number of important benefits that will impact on all areas of your life.

Student at West Wickham Self Defence experience a high level of personal attention, designed to impart the fundamental West Wickham Self Defence skills and to allow you to work on the specific areas that you would like to focus on.

Most of our martial art students experience some of the following benefits:

  • Practical self-defence and danger-avoidance tactics
  • Good physical and mental health and longevity
  • Increased cardiovascular health and endurance
  • Improved strength and flexibility
  • Increased self confidence and peace of mind
  • Weight loss
 Benefits for Men

  • Non – violent solutions to self defence
  • Body language and posturing
  • Adrenalin and fear control
  • Cardiovascular work out
  • Powerful strikes to end an attack quickly
  • Close quarter combat skills
  • Conflict management
Benefits for Women

  • Awareness and avoidance
  • Body language (understand others body language)
  • Voice Control (understand key words)
  • Effective self defence
  • Security at home or in your car
  • Fear control
  • Strong powerful techniques
  • Close quarter defence
  • Conflict management

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