Teenager Classes at West Wickham Self Defence

West Wickham Self Defence is fun to learn and can be really rewarding. Our classes offer a fantastic way to get fit and learn practical street self defence.

We develop social skills such as good manners, eye contact, and public speaking in each lesson.

Overall we aim to teach self defence, respect and consideration, discipline, goal setting, concentration and stranger danger, through our innovative and FUN approach.

All classes have been specifically designed for teenagers, to help them get fit and relieve stress in an enjoyable environment. The teenage classes do not require you to have extreme flexibility as they are not too demanding on the body.

This Martial Arts class focuses on getting students in shape whilst relieving stress and teaching you effective and practical self defence in a safe and peaceful environment.

The classes teach all aspects of self defence from street weapon defence and multiple attackers to simple awareness and avoidance.

Benefits for Teenagers

  • Self defence
  • Self discipline
  • Confidence
  • Balance and flexibility
  • Muscle toning and improved strength
  • Bully proof
  • Non-violent solutions to conflict
  • Having fun and making new friends